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May 12, 2010

Batting Stance Guy: Second Team All-Mustache Lineup

A few months back, I was tasked with something by my friend Gar (aka "Batting Stance Guy") help him come up with as many facial-hair-laden baseball players as we could.

And in case you were wondering what era had the best upper lip adornment, this video ends that thought process. Clearly, based on this compilation, it is the early 80s...the Golden Age of baseball mustaches.

Now, firmly entrenched in Mustache May, YouTube wunderkind (and now can check out his book Batting Stance Guy: A Love Letter to Baseball over at is bringing his love for the lip sweater to you! Monday, he debuted the First Team All-Mustache Lineup, Tuesday it was the All-Beard Lineup.'s the Second Team All-Mustache Lineup.

***This past February, I had the chance to catch up with "Batting Stance Guy" and put his thoughts to paper, er, the internet. Check out the interview HERE.***

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