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May 11, 2010

Twitter Tuesday: Batting Stance Guy

It's rare that a guy with a WiffleBall bat becomes a YouTube sensation. It's even more rare when that guy ends up chatting it up on national television with David Letterman, featured in ballparks everywhere and writing a book!

The good thing about following Gar "Batting Stance Guy" Ryness is that he'll let you know when he's updated his repertoire AND ask for your insight on who he should tackle next.



DallasBraden perfect thru 8! This crowd here at LongBeach Airport for massively delayed JetBlue flight is not going crazy.

Starlin Castro debuted last night w/ 6 RBI's. Born=1990!?! My Gerardo "Rico Suave" cassette single is older.

When Twitter posts began w/ describing a right handed pitcher as RHP, for a split second I think that player is dead.

Kids, trust me: pick up a Wiffle bat, go in your backyard, the NYTimes will follow.

The YouTube wunderkind's book Batting Stance Guy: A Love Letter to Baseball is available over at or wherever you buy your books.

BallHype: hype it up!

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