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June 22, 2010

Twitter Tuesday: The NBA Finals

It's amazing to me how much pro athletes follow other sports. That said, this past week saw the baseball Twitterspere buzzing with tweets about the World Cup and the NBA Finals.

It didn't matter if they were rooting for the Lakers, Celtics or neither...plenty of guys had something to say about last week's Game Seven and its outcome.

@BrettAnderson49 (Brett Anderson): Whose gonna win tonight?

@broshuis (Garrett Broshuis): Trying to finish off The Atlantic while watching NBA Game 7. The two are as compatible as Hugh Hefner and Margaret Thatcher.

@cpettit815 (Chris Pettit): eating Pedros Tacos while watching the LakeShow... it doesn't get much better than this...

@GrillCheese49 (Jason Grilli): Watching Celtics vs Lakers. Who will win? I am saying the refs will play a big part in the result. What do ya think?

@TommyLasorda (Tommy Lasorda): Lakers - How sweet it is; the fruits of victory! Congratulations

@jonadkinsWV (Jon Adkins): Hey Lakers or Kobe Bryant fans....Michael Jordan didn't ever need a game 7....just sayin!

@MattAntonelli9 (Matt Antonelli): Why do idiots start fires and riots when their city wins a championship...people love an excuse to act like idiots I don't get it

@OzzieGuillen (Ozzie Guillen): Thanks lakers to make my son happy loved congrats one more mr jackson I wish I was you

@Craw_Daddy26 (Evan Crawford): I'm wondering. . .what does someone have to do in their career to take the title of best player ever from Michael Jordan?

So, the NBA Finals aside, I've got to share two of my favorite tweets of the week. The first came from St. Louis Cardinals farmhand, and one of my favorite new tweeters named C.J., C.J. Beatty.

@cjbeatty44: Yo check this out!!!! Mr. Belding from save by the bell came by before our game!!!

The second came from former Major Leaguer (and current Edmonton Capital) Cliff Brumbaugh.

@Brum24: Benches Clear At Royal Athletic Park Getting too old for this stuff!!

So there you have it, some NBA Finals thoughts, a mention of the World Cup and absolutely NO mention of vuvuzelas.

Well...maybe just one.

@cogz4Christ (Chris Coghlan): Im having a hard time sleeping cause i have this painful ringing from those stupid horns at the game tonight!!

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