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July 18, 2010

James Gammon (1940-2010)

I have to imagine that you're immediately wondering "who in the world is James Gammon?" Well, in one phrase, I can sum him up.

"You may run like Mays...but you hit like shit".

The gravelly voice, mustachioed actor was acting for decades before his legendary turn as Cleveland Indians manager Lou Brown in the 1989 release "Major League" and its first sequel, 1994's "Major League 2".

He succumbed to cancer late Friday night at the age of 70.

According to The Orlando Sentinel:

"He had cancer two and a half years ago," his wife, Nancy, said Saturday. "It came back aggressively about a month ago in his adrenal glands and liver, and he was very weak. They couldn't do surgery or chemotherapy. He decided he wanted to come home, and we did hospice."
Gammon's career came to a close with more than 135 television and screen credits to his name...ranging from his film debut in the 1867 classic "Coolhand Luke" to the afore mentioned baseball classic "Major League". On television, he had notable supporting roles on "Gunsmoke", "Monk" and as Don Johnson's father on "Nash Bridges".

Stumbling around the internet, I found a nice little piece written about Gammon back in June of last year. Take a trip on over to the site Vaguely Unpleasant and take a look at it yourself.

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