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August 4, 2010

Ten Things About Alex Rodriguez and His 600 Home Runs

Weight lifted...monkey gone.

Alex Rodriguez has joined Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Sammy Sosa and Ken Griffey Jr. as the one of the only players to slug for 600 or more home runs for their career...and he did it exactly three years to the day after he slugged number 500.

For Rodriguez, it took 2267 games…the second quickest behind Ruth (2044 games) to do so. That said, when he took Shawn Marcum deep in the first inning of today's
game, A-Rod became the youngest to accomplish the feat at just 35 years, 8 days old…nearly two full years younger than Ruth when he did the deed.

Here are ten things that I bet you might not have known about the 600 home runs that Rodriguez has hit.

Since he hit his first home run June 12, 1995 off Tom Gordon, Rodriguez has gone on to victimized 364 other pitchers. Atop the hit list at eight are three pitchers…Ramon Ortiz, David Wells and Bartolo Colon. All-time home run king Jamie Moyer has given up six longballs to the Yankees third baseman. And of the 365 pitchers Rodriguez has taken deep…some of them were siblings. The brothers Hernandez (Livan and Orlando) and Weaver (Jeff and Jered) are responsible for a combined 12 home runs.

I don’t have to tell anyone, but the New York Yankees are not only A-Rod’s third team, but it is the team that he’s been the most productive for. Since he first landed in the Big Apple in 2004…he’s hit 255 home runs. For his first team, the Seattle Mariners, he hit 189 homers and in just three seasons with the Texas Rangers…he hit a mind boggling 156 home runs. Wow.

Just a few days into August, A-Rod’s 600th home run was also his 122nd career bomb during August. Coincidentally, it is also the month he has had his best production. Rodriguez hit a career-best 15 in August 2003. And if you’re keeping track (and I am)…Rodriguez has only ONE home run in March, 86 in April and June, 104 in May, 107 in June, 89 in September and six in October.

For his career, Rodriguez hits a home run once every 14.4 at bats…good for tenth all-time. However, did you know that it took him 109 plate appearances before he hit his first ball out of the yard?

One-sixth of Rodriguez’s home runs have come on the first pitch. The most pitches he’s seen before hitting one out? Nine. Four times, A-Rod has taken the count full and connected on the tenth pitch.

When it comes to driving people in, only Manny Ramirez has more RBI among active players. One player Ramirez has never driven in is the same guy who A-Rod has knocked in 50 times since 2004…Derek Jeter. After Jeter, Joey Cora has been hit in 26 times, Gary Sheffield 19 times and Rodriguez’s teammate with both the Rangers and the Yankees, Mark Teixeira…16 times.

Thanks to Interleague play, Alex Rodriguez has been able to victimize pitchers in both leagues. For his career, he’s slugged one out against 26 teams. Only the Florida Marlins, Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs have not given up home runs to A-Rod. And the team he’s crushed the most? The California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels. Rodriguez has taken the Halos deep 67 times. And in case you were wondering, A-Rod’s 600 home runs have come in 31 different ballparks.

Rodriguez has gotten a bad rap for his post-season play, but for his career, he’s hit 12 home runs in the Playoffs and one in his lone World Series appearance.

And speaking of home runs that don’t account for his career total of 600, A-Rod has also hit one All-Star home run. In the fifth inning of 1998’s Midsummer Classic, Rodriguez took Andy Ashby yard.

Even though, he is sitting one stolen base away from joining Barry Bonds and Willie Mays as being one of only three players to have 600 home runs and 300 steals…Alex Rodriguez has NO inside-the-park home runs. It’s true…Alex Rodriguez has the most home runs without having at least one inside-the-park job. By comparison, Babe Ruth has ten.

So there you have it, gang. You thought you knew everything about Alex Rodriguez and his 600 career home runs. And even though he gave everyone ample time to search out every nugget of information...I'd wager you didn’t.

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eyebleaf said...

You forgot this: *

beagamer said...

No wonder he hit so many in Texas, weren't drugs involved? Ballparks today are Sooooo much smaller and so little foul territory it's not even fair to compare Babe Ruth's numbers with anyone of today.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it ironic that the best 3 years of is career HR wise is during the time that he admitted using steroids. Take those off his total and then a few more years that he didn't admit and where would he be. Damn shame.