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August 13, 2010

Friday 5: Lenny Randle

With the Cardinals-Reds fracas from Tuesday night still making headlines, it's hard to not think of other basebrawls (see what I did there?) from throughout the history of the game.

One such incident occurred in 1977 and involved infielder Lenny Randle and his manager Frank Lucchesi. Out of respect to Randle and Lucchesi I won’t re-hash it here.

Randle has accomplished plenty since his days on the playing field…this week, he takes a crack at the “Friday 5”.

HOVG: Who was your biggest influence?

RANDLE: My Dad and Mom, my former managers Billy Martin, Ted Williams, Joe Torre and my coach Willie Mays.

HOVG: What is your most memorable travel experience?

RANDLE: Living in Italy the last 19 years and visiting 31 countries.

HOVG: What is your favorite baseball term or saying?

RANDLE: God bless…no stress.

HOVG: What is your best experience or greatest accomplishment?

RANDLE: Meeting the Pope and playing for four Presidents. Also…providing scholarships for more than 1500 students.

HOVG: When did you know that you “made it”?

RANDLE: I knew I made it at birth!

HOVG: Lastly, you joined a New York Yankees team in 1979 that had just come off a World Series Championship the year before. What stories do you have of the recently departed George Steinbrenner?

RANDLE: I have a thousand George Steinbrenner stories. As a Yankee, George made us feel like family. The media never knew the soft side and what he did for me, Billy Martin, (Graig) Nettles, Oscar Gamble, Goose (Gossage), Mickey Rivers and Roy White. He would give money to all our private mailboxes on the road with notes that said:

Go have a good time. Here’s $300. Enjoy! We are winners! George

After a big league career that saw Randle play for five Major League teams and set batting records overseas in Italy, he came home and got a master's degree in special education-adapted physical education from Arizona State.

Now…he’s the founder of the Lenny Randle Sports Academy, an instructional camp that offers private lessons and clinics to players around the country ages 7 to 17.

For more information on the Academy or any of the services that Randle offers, check out
his website.

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