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August 2, 2010

Twitter Tuesday: Joe Posnanski

I'm a pretty religious follower of Sports Illustrated scribe Joe Posnanski (@JPosnanski) over on Twitter, so when he started answering Hall of Fame questions late Monday ears (ummm, eyes?) perked up some.

Here are the highlights of his conversation with his followers. My thoughts are in italics.

@LHenry4: Is Chipper Jones a HOFer?
@JPosnanski: Unquestionably.
HOVG: For my money, Chipper Jones is one of the game's finest switch hitters and belongs in Cooperstown right alongside Mickey Mantle and Eddie Murray.

@hriefs: Is Andruw Jones a HOFer?
@JPosnanski: I actually think he has a fascinating case. Not now, but career isn't over.
HOVG: The "Curacao Kind" (I just made that up!) is sitting at 400-plus homers and has ten Gold Gloves. The only other players to accomplish that...Mike Schmidt, Willie Mays and Ken Griffey Jr.

@DanSparano: Since you're getting the HOF questions, do you think Schilling is a HOFer?
@JPosnanski: I'll look closer his year, but I think yes.
HOVG: My heart says "yes"...mind says "on the bubble".

@jstriebel22: As a related discussion, how about edmonds?
@JPosnanski: Another interesting case. Not sure career was long enough.
HOVG: I can't get behind Jim Edmonds when there are so many outfielders with similar stats that won't get in.

@ckrez: Trammell for HOF?
@JPosnanski: Vote for him every year.
HOVG: I loved Alan Trammell...but I don't think he's a Hall of Famer.

@btaylor1978: How about Larkin?
@JPosnanski: And I vote for him too.
HOVG: No doubt Barry Larkin is a Hall of Famer. He meant so much to the Reds. And yes...I know I just snubbed Alan Trammell.

@kyleseiwert: Schilling or Blyleven if you can only pick one.
@JPosnanski: Why can I only pick one?
HOVG: I have nothing to add that I haven't said before about Bert Blyleven.

@BigBlueAL1980: If you think Schilling is a HOFer than Mike Mussina better be a lock in your eyes.
@JPosnanski: Mussina's going in, I think.

HOVG: Admittedly, I am "on the bubble" with Mike Mussina, but let me clarify...he's no first ballot guy, but he's getting in.

@woodtang: Donnie Baseball?
@JPosnanski: No offense to Mattingly, one of my all-time favorites, but I think Keith Hernandez has better case.
HOVG: Kirby Puckett is in the Hall of Fame...why not Don Mattingly. Seriously...they're rather similar.

@ChrisCrawfordPI: Eddddddddddddddgarrrrrr (I just need to hear you say yes -- make me feel better about current Mariners)
@JPosnanski: Yes, I voted Edgar.
HOVG: Edgar Martinez is going to be on the ballot forever. Like Jim Rice...he might make it in on ballot 15.

@PestiEsti: What do you think about Morris?
@JPosnanski: You people are just toying with me now.
HOVG: I'm pro-Jack Morris even though I recognize all the issues many have with his inclusion in any Hall of Fame discussion.

@jdemuesy: Omar Vizquel?
@JPosnanski: I pass that right along to Keith Law
HOVG: No question...but him in!

@DanDotLewis: Should Torre/Hodges get in as hybrid player/manager types?
@JPosnanski: Torre is in for sure. I'm a big fan of Hodges going in as hybrid.
HOVG: Honestly, I probably would have already put Joe Torre in. Without a doubt, he's in as a manager...but I think his playing career warranted some consideration.

@cashkruth: What about Tram's DP mate? Could he get look by Vets?
@JPosnanski: I hope so. Whitaker is one of all-time overlooked HOF candidates.
HOVG: Wouldn't it be something if Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker made it in via the Veteran's Committee together? It won't happen...but it would be epic.

@michiganling: Is Santo still the best player snubbed by the Hall so far?
@JPosnanski: Bill James thinks so and I always agree with him.
HOVG: Meh.

@Aberkheimer: Guerrero?
@JPosnanski: Vlad? In. Pedro? No. Wilton? Not so much.

HOVG: Vladimir Guerrero could quit today and go in. I'd love to hear his speech because I'm not sure I've ever heard him talk.

@nfieldr: Why not Dale Murphy?
@JPosnanski: I'm a Murphy voter, though it's more emotional than logical. Career was just so short.

HOVG: I can't get behind Dale Murphy. I understand those who can...I just can't.

@brianwbass: Maddux and Glavine - yes. Smoltz?
@JPosnanski: All three are in first ballot.
HOVG: Whoever asked this was, I hope, joking.

@Jrlanger: Is there anyone you DONT think belongs in the Hall?
@JPosnanski: A whole bunch of guys who are in there now.

So, do yourself a favor and if you aren't one of the 15,000-plus following Posnanski...start following him now.

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