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August 10, 2010

Twitter Tuesday: Sign Guy

I'm not sure if this is just going to encourage him or not, but long ago, the guys over at Joe Sports Fan brought "Sign Guy" to the attention of the unsuspecting masses.

Basically, "Sign Guy" is a St. Louis fan who, apparently, spends his days and nights coming up with puns involving his beloved Cardinals. He then scrawls said puns on spare pieces of poster board and takes them to Busch Stadium in hopes to get on television.

Now...dude is on Twitter.



MOLINA says YADIOS to Stealers!

With MATT every game is a HOLLIDAY!

Does LARUSSA know how to DEAL the CARDS?

With AARON the CARDS are MILES ahead!

WHITEY-St. Louis' favorite HONKEY!

Two Great Carpenters: JESUS and CHRIS!

And my personal favorite:

I put my pants on one leg at a time like everyone else, I just make great signs after I do.

As you can see, his zingers are pretty basic and, frankly...not that funny. That said, this guy has become every bit as much of the fabric of Cardinals baseball as Ronnie Woo Woo has on Chicago's Northside.

I'm just not sure if that is a good thing.

By the way..."Sign Guy" promises he will "enshrine" his 200th follower on a sign during ESPN's last game of the year. So what are you waiting for...follow this guy already!

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