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September 10, 2010

Andy Pettitte Dazzles in Double-A Start

The high school I went to has had only a handful of guys go on to have any sort of athletic success at the collegiate level.

When I was a junior (or was it my senior year...who can keep track at this point?), I remember one of our school's best basketball players coming back, camping out in the gym and taking part in whatever P.E. class he could.

In all my tall and awkward splendor, I was always the guy who got to guard the Division I standout and, suffice it to say, it never ended well for me.

Somehow...I doubt I did anything to help out dude's game either.

That said, I know exactly how Shawn Bowman and Jonathan Diaz must've felt when they found out that taking the mound against them in their Game Two tilt against the Trenton Thunder Yankees was going to be none other thanAll-Star Andy Pettitte.

Somewhere there has to be a rule against that, right?

I understand that when big leaguers come back from injury, they often will do rehab in the minors. But is it fair that Pettitte and his 240 career victories (or any big league veteran for that matter) gets to trot out to the mound for a Double-A playoff game?

I mean, this is a cat who has 18 career MAJOR League playoff wins. How is possible that, during the first round, he can be added to the Trenton Thunder's playoff roster?

If I'm the New Hampshire Fisher Cats (the Double-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays)...I'm crying foul.

Not surprisingly, the 38 year-old lefty threw four scoreless innings and struck out four. He surrendered just two hits and didn't walk a soul. My guess is that Pettitte (coming back from an injury or not), probably has a little more control of his pitches than whoever should have taken the mound.

The Fisher Cats will try to stave off elimination Friday night, but thankfully for appears that they won't have to take their cuts against a 16-year big league veteran.

That is, of course, assuming that the Yankees don't decide to send C.C. Sabathia to Capitol City to get in some extra tosses.

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