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September 3, 2010

Friday 5: Batting Stance Guy

I hate to stray too far from the norm this Friday, but given I just got back from seeing "Weird Al" Yankovic perform live...I feel like I have to do something to tie-in to the show itself.

Faithful followers of this site know that the "Weird Al" baseball, Gar Ryness (aka "Batting Stance Guy" is a good friend of The Hall and, wait...given Gar's recent successes, should we be calling Yankovic the "Batting Stance Guy of Pop Music"?

Maybe not.

Either's The Batting Stance Guy's five favorite "Weird Al" parodies.

1. "Taco Grande" (parody of "Rico Suave" by Gerardo)

2. "Yoda" (parody "Lola" by the Kinks)

3. "My Bologna" (parody of "My Sharona" by The Knack)

4. "(This Song's Just) Six Words Long" (parody of "Got My Mind Set on You" by George Harrison)

5. "The Brady Bunch" (parody of "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats)

"It's tough to rank the polka medleys on each album," Ryness added. "My Bologna gets in because how groundbreaking the burp was for my understanding of unexpected comedy."

After the show Thursday night, my friend "Foodstamp" Davis posted the following on Facebook:

If you get a chance to see weird al, regardless of your opinion of him now, do it. DO IT!

Honestly, he couldn't be more right. I was able to bring five people with me that had never seen the Grammy winning parodist in concert and too say that they were blown away following the two-plus hour set would be an understatement.

And, yeah, I know "Weird Al" has absolutely nothing to do with baseball, but still, I've gotta know...what's your favorite of his work?

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Jeff said...

"Albuquerque" has got to be right up there... But the fact that he included the live version of "Another One Rides the Bus" (from his first exposure to a national audience on The Dr. Demento Show) on his first album, that wins some points for me. I also like his Zappa tribute (does not specifically parody any one song) "Genius in France". His recent entries, "CNR" and "Craigslist" are also mighty fine. If you couldn't tell, I'm more of a fan of his songs that parody a style ("Craigslist" parodies any number of songs by The Doors) rather than a single, specific song. To me, there is no such thing as a bad Weird Al song. It just doesn't exist.