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September 14, 2010

The Hit King Gets Roasted

Anyone who knows me knows that I have two genuine and roasts.

It's true.

I own a number of the Dean Martin DVDs, watch all the Comedy Central Roasts and even though no one will ever see the material...wrote some great one-liners a few years back with a friend of mine.

Hell...I've even read the book I Only Roast the Ones I Love by Jeffrey Ross. And frankly, who of you out there even knew the Roastmaster General wrote a book?

So, when I heard that following the 4192 celebration Saturday night in Cincinnati, Reds legend Pete Rose was going to be roasted...I couldn't wait to read about it and see the footage.

What shocked most was not the complete lack of humor on the dais...but, rather, Rose's breakdown.

"I disrespected the game of baseball. When you do that, you disrespect your teammates, the game and your family," a tearful Rose told the packed house at, of all places, the Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. "I guarantee everybody in this room, I will never disrespect you again."

Some have called Rose's act the latest in a string of cons being pulled off to clear his name and get him re-instated...but others think it to be legit.

"(It was) nice...I was crying," said Rose's teammate, Hall of Famer Tony Perez said following the roast. "He finally got it off his chest."

Cesar Geronimo, Ken Griffey, Tom Browning, Pete Rose Jr. joined Perez on the dais...but it was George Foster that got in the best line.

"Pete Rose is proof it doesn't take talent to play baseball."

One can only imagine the massive firepower that Ross, Greg Giraldo or Don Rickles could bring to an event like the one held Saturday night.

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