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September 7, 2010

Jim Thome is in The News...Welcome to The Hall (Again)!

Every time Jim Thome is in the news...The Hall of Very Good sees some traffic. Apparently a guy hitting monster bombs (more on that later) makes people bang the Googles to the tune of "jim thome steroids".

I've detailed the rise in web traffic
HERE and I ask you to skim it quickly before continuing.

In the meantime, the rest of you can watch (or listen) this video.

Alright...are you back?

Now that Thome is a home run shy of Frank Robinson on the all-time list and, at 40 years-old, seeing a resurgence in Minnesota, I'm ready to put him in the Hall of Fame on the first ballot.

I know, I know...I've said this in the past:

His home run total, while incredible, will not be as eye popping five years after Thome's retirement. Basically, we’ve got a guy who smacked the Hell out of the ball, but was never the most dominant, much less feared, player of his era.And because of that, he'll get lost in the mix.

And, while I still believe it (to an extent)...I'll gladly eat my words. I'm ready to take the heat.

So, to the chimps over at Baseball Think Factory...bring it on. I can take it.

Oh...did you see his home run Monday night? Christ.


Bobby Chrisafis said...

I must ask you, Is that White Sox clip real? Because that was hilarious

Jesus Melendez said...

Yes, is 100% real. I remember hearing them on the radio throughout the 2008 season.