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September 7, 2010

Trevor Hoffman (Finally) Gets Save Number 600

Thanks to Twitter...I didn't have to be watching the Cardinals-Brewers contest to know that Trevor Hoffman earned his 600th save tonight.

TheGarfoose (Dirk Hayhurst, Blue Jays pitcher): Trevor Hoffman just got his 600th save! I am so overwhelmingly proud. Believe me when I say it couldn't have happened to a finer player.

Maholm28 (Paul Maholm, Pirates pitcher): Congrats to Trevor Hoffman on save #600. What an amazing accomplishment.

Ken_Rosenthal (Ken Rosenthal, MLB on FOX reporter): Congratulations, Trevor Hoffman, on save No. 600. A class act every step of the way

That said, if you head on over to and look at the front page (click below to see for yourself)'d never know.

When sluggers approach home run milestones, the Worldwide Leader cuts into whatever they are broadcasting to show the would-be historic at bat.

Can someone please tell me if they did the same tonight for Hoffman? Please?!?

Sure he's having an off season. A 2-7 record, 6.23 ERA and only 9 saves is nothing to write home about.

But 600 saves is.

"Nobody's ever done it before," Hoffman's Brewers teammate Dave Bush said following the game. "He's the best of all time right now, and 600 is a really incredible number if you think about it."

There are going to be a lot of you out there that suggest that saves are overrated...and maybe they are. BUT, they are a big part of the game and let's be honest with ourselves, when someone accomplishes something that no one else is pretty spectacular.

And for the four of you out there wondering who the next closer to reach 600 saves will be?

Mariano Rivera is sitting at 555.

After that, you're looking at Billy Wagner with 417, so suffice it to say...after Rivera accomplishes the feat, it isn't happening for a long, long time.


silvia said...

As a longtime Padre fan, I am very proud of Trevor's accomplishments ...have seen a lot of those 600 saves in his many years with SD, plus he has always been a class act and takes the time to be a fan friendly accessible I have to start saving up for my trip to Cooperstown in 2015 to see him inducted. Many congratulations Trevor, u are the man!!

Jesus Melendez said...

If this season proves to be his swansong, silvia...his induction would be in 2016. 2015 could bring you former friar Gary Sheffield however.