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September 21, 2010

Twitter Goes Literary (Jose Canseco Need Not Apply)

I'm not trying to be "Johnny Twitter" lately, but truth be told...I've been spending a lot of time seeing what's going on in the world 140 characters at a time.

In what had to be my favorite trending topic since the guys over at Joe Sports Fan started posting rejected ESPN "30 for 30" topics, the web blew up with proposed titles for Major League Baseball-related novels.

Within minutes, seemingly everyone was getting involved by dropping a #mlbnovels after all their tweets.

Sports Illustrated's Joe Posnanski offered up The Witches of (Rawly) Eastwick. Hall of Very Good stalwart Batting Stance Guy brought The Crucible Luzinski to the dance.

Even Keith Olbermann joined the fray by suggesting Charlie Kerfeld And The Chocolate Factory.

Most of the thousands of titles that flooded Twitter were pretty uninspired. I mean, how many hackneyed Catcher in the Rye references can one topic have? As it turns out...hundreds.

That (in no particular order) are ten of my favorites and the guys who tweeted them.

@splatjack: The Lovely Ricky Bones

@justindoom: Gaylord of the Flies

@jgragg: The Devil Wears Prado

@originalCynic: Line Driving Miss Daisy

@Thatsrightnate: Are you there Jim Gott? It's Me Margaret

@JTabrys: The Don Slaughterhouse Five

@Andrew_Milner: Tuesdays with Maury Wills

@HardBraun: The Yount of Monte Cristo

@LukeMayeux33: The Nap Lajoie Luck Club

@karlgeorge: Of Mice and Mientkiewicz

Of course Stephen King trumped them all by writing The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon back in 1999.

Of the contributions I made, I think In the Ojeda the Night was my finest. What were your favorites? What did you suggest?


E said...

I would love your site if Yardbarker's popup frame was taking up half the screen.

Bob Wait said...

Thanks for your post. I especially like The Nap Lajoie Luck Club and In the Ojeda the Night. Evidently the Idiot Spirit visited a lot of us last night! Here's a link to my #MLBnovels contributions: