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September 27, 2010

Twitter Tuesday: David Price

After seeing a mere 12,446 fans in the stands, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price hit the Twitters Monday night and tweeted the following about what would be his team's fourth-lowest home attendance figure this season:

@DAVIDprice14: Had a chance to clinch a post season spot tonight with about 10,000 fans in the stands....embarrassing

What followed was a mixed bag of responses that, if the internet has taught me anything, will lead to David Price to not only become a trending topic later tonight, but also be mentioned in the late editions of SportsCenter.

That said, here's a sampling of some of the supportive tweets the big lefty got in response. And Hell...even pro golfer Paul Azinger got in on it!

@PaulAzinger: @DAVIDprice14 It was embarrassing. Looked terrible on tv.

@carlhancock: @DAVIDprice14 You spoke the truth David. You guys have a great time and it is a shame you don't get the support you deserve from the fans.

@PeteAbe: Kudos to @DAVIDPrice14 and his teammates for speaking the truth about their embarrassing lack of support. They need a new market.

@alexbussey: Congratulations to @DAVIDprice14 for being an honest ballplayer. Too often we hear just stock answers night in and night out.

@evan_b: @DAVIDprice14 had to be said. You guys deserve better from your fans, especially with how you pitched all yr

And, of course, with every honest outburst...there were the people that had to take to the internets and try to blast the American League Cy Young candidate

@ltsunis: @DAVIDprice14 You would think having less fans in the stands would be better for a pitchers concentration, yet you are complaining about it

@RaysFanGio: @DAVIDprice14.I went to 14 spring games.65 home games.5 road games.took a road trip to durham this season.thanks for making me feel horrible

@justinn1010: It's never a good thing to become the story for what you say or do off the field..guessing @DAVIDprice14 learned that 1st hand tonite

Of all the idiots that had something to say to the Rays hurler, this last dude is an extent. But then needed to be said and hopefully, Price opens some eyes.

Remember 2008 when the Rays were all the rage?

All you saw on TV throughout the playoffs (outside of Frank Caliendo) were Rays fans with their blue mohawks and sellouts at Tropicana Field. Well...their attendance numbers then (an average of 22,370 a night) were virtually no different than they are now (23,047 a night through the weekend).

It appears that regardless how well the Rays do (and they're a damn good, young team, America) they can't seem to garner the support of the Bay area.

But does that really surprise you? I mean, this is an area of the United States that has a population that fluctuates based on how the weather is doing...why wouldn't their fanbase?

Fair weather fever...catch it! And while you're at it,
follow David Price on Twitter...homeboy needs all the support he can get right now!


The Key Grip said...

As a baseball fan who lives (year 'round, thank you very much) in Florida -- I can safely say that blaming the fans for not now embracing a team that was as bad as the Rays were, for as long as they were, is more than a little bit revisionist. Fans form allegiances over long periods of time, and once they're formed, they tend to become pretty illiquid. The problem with the Rays isn't a fickle fan base, at all, and to suggest so is wrong to the point of being willfully disingenuous. The problem with the Rays, to borrow a cliche, is that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Anonymous said...

If they are fair-weather fans, shouldn't they be selling out every game? Alas, they are just horrible fans. Look at the Brewers. Almost 3 million fans in the sports 30th sized market and the team wishes it was as good as the Rays. Tampa should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Its simple, the economy in the Tampa Bay area is horrible 16% unemployment, their are no large corporations who can partner with the team to keep the stadium filled (like the North East teams have), the location of the stadium is a joke - its surrounded by water on 3 sides and is in one of the worst crime areas of the bay area, the stadium is a joke enough said, the owner blatently tells the fans he doesnt care about them and only shows his face when HIS team plays in Boston or New York where he is from, all the old snowbird northerners who retire to the area who WONT root for the HOME team and instead stick to their original teams (I dont really blame them though - hard to change allegience). Can baseball make is in the Tampa area - sure given enough time the fan base will grow as the old northerns pass on and the younger generation growing up Rays fan reach puberty and get cars and jobs. And a new stadium in an area feasible for the entire area to come out would do wonders. The Tampa Bay "Area" is a metropolis that is extremely spread out over 125 miles North to South and 30 miles from the Gulf inland. GO RAYS - I hope you do well and stay in the area but face the facts its tough economically right now in this area.

Anonymous said...

If you aren't drawing fans, perhaps you need to look at your PR department and the efforts of what the players are doing in the community and I'm not talking about Dukes' Mary Jane charges. What is the team doing to get fans in the stands?

Did you forget that you are in the entertainment industry? Why would people spend money on you when a large group of homeowners are struggling to stay in their houses? However you wouldn't see that because of the millions of dollars that you are raking in. Go ahead and continue complaining rather than seeking a solution and see where that gets you. Whatever you do don't look at yourself because we wouldn't want you to have to try to understand how the common fan feels.

Anonymous said...

Along with 16% unemployment in the Tampa area the Rays ticket prices, ($40 - $50 for the cheap seats)are out of reach for most of their fan base, who work in a service based economy. While most Tampa area residents are worried about how to pay the mortage the Rays players are worried about a filled stadium. If these young millionaires really want to fill the stands they need to invest in their fans by buying blocks of tickets for kids in the Tampa area and quit their whinning.

Anonymous said...

The Trop WAS sold out at the end of 2008, attendance climbed to 23K or so after a lot of 10-12K crowds at the beginning of the season, as the bandwagoners jumped on. This season has been pretty steady and UP over 2008 despite the Bay Area being second in job losses in the US (Riverside #1 - yes, TBay worse than Detroit!)

The location of the Trop is perfect, its in the middle of the population base - it was chosen because of ease to get to from Sarasota/Bradenton and Tampa, as well as St. Pete/Clwtr. Problem is, few come from Sar/Brd and just a handful from Tampa, even though its an easy drive. Oh - except when they don their Yankees gear - then its an easy trip. Azinger needs to STFU - he lives 30 mins from the Trop, when's the last time he was at a game? (I was there last night, I will be back on Wed)