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September 14, 2010

Twitter Tuesday: NFL Week One

With Week One of the NFL season officially in the books, it is clear that not all big leaguers are concerned about the upcoming baseball pennant races.

Thankfully, most were talking NFL and not the MTV Video Music Awards.

@LoMoMarlins (Logan Morrison): Wait..Favre retired.. No wait, he's back.

@jonadkinsWV (Jon Adkins): Ok I'm already sick of hearing bout och cinco n TO! Making me dislike the Bengals already. Sorry to all my Reds followers but it's too much

@just_ice23 (David Justice): Get yo popcorn ready! My Bengals are ready to roll!

@MattAntonelli9 (Matt Antonelli): Man Pats laying the smack down!

@JarrodBParker (Jarrod Parker): Cmon colts!

@MattAntonelli9 (Matt Antonelli): I still don't believe NFL players are human beings (except for maybe the kickers)...freaky athletes

@just_ice23 (David Justice): Calvin Johnson's catch was a TD! He still should've secured the ball to remove all doubt!

@cjbeatty44 (CJ Beatty): Man that Cowboy game was boring! But atleast i was filled up on some good wings...i had to leave before i lost my mind! BORING!!!!

@OkieFields (Josh Fields): After that first half, I'm gonna have 2 go purchase my first chiefs hat tomorrow

@BarryEnright54 (Barry Enright): Chargers not looking too good.

One of my favorite tweeps (is that what the kids are calling them nowadays?), Padres minor leaguer Matt Antonelli, posted his Week One picks over at his site.
And how’d he do?

Well, the second baseman didn’t exactly set the world ablaze. Straight up, Antonelli was 4-11…against the spread he was 5-9-1.

We’ll see what Week Two brings.

Oh...why the picture of Ray Lewis you ask? Because he did the following to Dustin Keller Monday night.

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