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October 23, 2010

Brian Wilson Mentions "The Machine" on National Television...Again

So...San Francisco Giants closer referred to "The Machine" in his postgame interview Saturday night and the internet went nuts.

Alright blogosphere, plenty of you are getting to The Hall of Very Good by hitting up "Brian Wilson The Machine" or "C.J. Wilson The Machine" on the Googles and finding the old interview I did with C.J. Wilson and nothing on "The Machine".

Well, as a public service to you all (and thank you for stopping by), I'm posting this video so you know exactly what he was referring to.

Oh...and while you're stopping by, feel free to check out the afore mentioned interview The Hall did with Texas Rangers hurler C.J. Wilson last year and/or his thoughts on the retirement of Ken Griffey Jr. this past June.

Talkin' Baseball with C.J. Wilson

C.J. Wilson Talks "Junior"


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Anonymous said...

This is hilarious.