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October 5, 2010

Enter the BRayser!

I'm not sure when exactly the fad started.

I'm not sure what exactly it entails.

All I know is that I'm upset I found out about it just recently. That said, I am glad I found out about it at all...and you probably are as well.

Remember two years ago when the Tampa Bay Rays made the playoffs and those stupid blue Rayhawks were all the rage? Well, this year, the Rays are delivering something better than that accessory, Thunderstix and the Rally Monkey all rolled into one.

Enter the BRayser.

Manager Joe Maddon and his troops have gotten all Herbert Ruggles Tarlick Jr. on the baseball world and BJ Upton wants you to win his awesome WKRP-inspired jacket.

Here's all you need to do!

For a minimum donation of $15 (or the cost of one ticket), your name will be entered into a drawing to win a BRayser worn and signed by B.J. Upton. You can register over at
The Upton Brothers website, but time is limited and only 500 tickets are going to be sold.

The winner will be chosen on November 9 and proceeds go to the Childs Park and Wildwood Recreation Centers located in South St. Petersburg to help support the families served by these centers.

Next year, my suggestion is that the Rays (or any team for that matter) dress up as the
JabbaWockeeZ when they hit the road.

Fingers crossed.

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