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October 4, 2010

Jose Canseco Thinks He Is Kenny Powers

Prior to the start of the second season of "Eastbound and Down", "Survivor" villain Jonny Fairplay named his All-Time Baseball Heels.

At the top of his list, coincidentally I swear, the main character of the HBO's hit show...Kenny Powers. And after putting it to a vote, this is how you ranked Fairplay's Top Five.

33% - Albert Belle
24% - John Rocker
19% - Darryl Strawberry
16% - Kenny Powers
6% - Kelly Leak

Absent from the list is the guy who thinks Powers is based on him...Jose Canseco. That's right, wait...Jose Canseco thinks the character Kenny Powers is based on him?

Check out
this tweet from Sunday.

Easr bound and out is based on my life ,I wish the producers would contact me I can help them with more info

Now, making fun of Canseco is's like doing something cliche with a whole bunch of things in a cliched cliche. Hell, even The Toronto Star got into the game when they published a piece on how the former American League MVP
chronicles his own decline via Twitter, but c'mon, Jose...the origins of Powers are pretty well documented.

And you ain't it, hombre.

Check out
this interview that show creator Danny McBride did with NPR.

LYDEN: The character of Kenny Powers seems to be based on John Rocker, I have to say that. And Rocker, of course, was the pitcher who mouthed off about gays and immigrants in New York and Texas and was out of the majors before he hit 30. Tell me about how you developed the character.

Mr. McBRIDE: You know, this - the idea for the show kind of came about from Ben Best, Jody Hill and myself. They're the guys I made the film "The Foot Fist Way" with a few years ago. And you know, our knowledge of baseball actually isn't that great. We, you know, just glean what we can from the headlines from that era when it seemed like a lot of baseball stars were kind of being shamed, and this news of steroids and stuff was coming out.

So we just kind of thought that that area would be ripe for the picking for this. And we didn't really base it on John Rocker, but that sort of attitude, I think, was more or less an inspiration.

Now I don't know about you, but I get dizzy every time I confuse Kenny Powers with Jose Canseco. The similarities are endless.

Here's the is a washed up, self absorbed, name dropping joke of a former baseball player who, because of his involvement with steroids and what not has found himself banned from the Majors, evicted from his home and threatening to beat up anyone who looks at him the wrong way.

The other is a fictional character that can be watched on pay cable every Sunday night at 10:30EST/9:30CST.

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