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October 14, 2010

Mike Scioscia Returns to "The Simpsons" Part Two

Last week, I previewed (kinda) the return of Los Angeles Angels skipper Mike Scioscia to America's longest-running sitcom..."The Simpsons".  And by now, most of you have seen it, read about it, downloaded it or whatever.

My take is that, outside of the creepy opening, "MoneyBART" was, at best...pretty awful.

Now, I'll leave the tater trot tracking of Bart's home run to my friend Larry Granillo over at Wezen-Ball and the roundup of notable quotables to the boys from Big League Stew...I'm here to focus on the only two things I took from the episode.

First, while Bart, Homer and the gang haven't aged a bit in the 18 years since Mr. Burns put together an All-Star cast for his company's softball team...Mike Scoscia has.  His hair is a grayer, his waistline is a little thicker and, best of all, he's healthy.

If you recall, in "Homer at the Bat", the then-catcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers took a job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant where, unfortunately, he was stricken with radiation poisoning. Now, he's been stricken with "super managing power" and the ability to de-magnetize credit cards.

Second, Scioscia can offer up some sage wisdom.

The plot of the episode, in a nutshell, was that Bart was upset that his sister, Lisa, took over as manager of his team...the Springfield Isotots. Thankfully, Scioscia popped up to offer up some sage wisdom:

I don't care if your manager is your sister, Dick Drago's mustache or Oscar Gamble's afro...a player should always listen to his skipper.  (You can hear the clip HERE)

Dick Drago's what now?!?

Pretty sound advice if you ask me, but what did Drago think?

"I don't watch The Simpsons," the former pitcher said, "but (it is) kinda cool that my name and mustache were mentioned on the show."

Kinda cool?!?  Absolutely. 

If only it was a better episode.  Oh, since I mentioned it...I've included the Banksy intro for the four of you that haven't seen it.

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