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October 18, 2010

Monday Morning Link Dump: October 18

The playoffs are in full comes the dump.

Leading Off

Larry Granillo over at Wezen-Ball points out that umpires have been making terrible calls for some time now.  (Wezen-Ball)

And in case you were wondering...Nolan Ryan can still bring the heat.  (Pro Rumors)

It seems like a natural progression to me. Jose Canseco is set to appear on the next celebrity installment of "The Apprentice". (The Hall of Very Good)

Extra Innings

The following are ACTUAL posts that popped up over at Bleacher Report over the weekend. Wow. Definitely worth a read.

MLB's Best Franchise: The Story of the Minnesota Twins

The Top Latinos in MLB's Championship Series

Big League Tweet of the Week

@Peteypipes (Bryan Peterson): Cody Ross is my hero, him and batman

The Walk Off

I wasn't the biggest fan of last week's "MoneyBART" episode of "The Simpsons"...but it did produce some decent one-liners.  (Big League Stew)

And in case you missed are a few pieces that The Hall of Very Good put out this week.

The Ten Best Stories of the 2010 Season
Bronson Arroyo is Selling Cars
Roy Halladay...(Im)mortal?!?

Have you found something of interest? What me to see it?!? Leave a comment, drop me an email at or hit up The Hall on Twitter at @HOVG.

See you around, gang!

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