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October 5, 2010

Twitter Tuesday: Carl Pavano's Mustache

From now until Friday, my good friends at the American Mustache Institute are taking applications for their annual "Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year" award.

Last year, The Hall of Very Good supported Arizona Diamondbacks reliever Clay Zavada and the outcome...victory.

This year...the thinktank is asking for your support of Minnesota Twins pitcher Carl Pavano.

That's right, the former future ex-Mr. Alyssa Milano (you following me?) decided to ditch the spousal compromise (his goatee) in favor of the full on mustache. And along with it...the righty was able to string together 17 wins, a 3.75 ERA and lead the Twinkies to the American League Central crown.

Oh...and did I mention that Pavano's mustache has spawned t-shirts (you can check out a couple HERE or HERE)? Take THAT Eric Holder!

And what about the 34 year-old's glorious 'stache on Twitter? Yes, please.

Here are some of the offerings offered up by the lip sweater commonly known as "the Pavstache".

@PavanosMustache: Some people have an angel and a devil on their shoulder; Carl has me.

@carlstache: People talking about magic numbers. I got a magic number, ladies. See if you can guess what it is.

@CPavanoMustache: Alright yall, goodnight...gotta get up early for a trim in the morning. OUCH!

So there you have it...three Twitter accounts dedicated to one mustache. Why not give each of them a follow?

In the meantime, check out Carl Pavano's Mustache on Facebook, hit up the American Mustache Institute and see what they're all about and nominate your favorite former Expos/Marlins/Yankees/Indians and current Twins pitcher.

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