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October 19, 2010

Twitter Tuesday: Eric Young Jr.

Alright...this is going to be a dumb statement to make, but the coolest thing about Twitter is that you never know what tweet you'll read next.

Sometimes, a guy like David Price will let his emotions run wild and sound off against his team's fans.

@DavidPrice14:  Had a chance to clinch a post season spot tonight with about 10,000 fans in the stands....embarrassing

Other times, baseball's reigning clown prince, Jose Canseco gets delusional.

@JoseCanseco:  Easr bound and out is based on my life ,I wish the producers would contact me I can help them with more info

Another scenario would be tweeting about your dad's latest gig. Not a big deal, really...unless you posted the following.

@EYJr:  It's official. My pops is the new 1st base coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks! God has really blessed our family!

Now, I hadn't seen the news anywhere else and, frankly, banging the interwebs for news on Senior and Junior Young isn't usually my thing, but good work, kid...I think you scooped the World Wide Leader.

With Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson bringing Young into the fold at first...Matt Williams moves over to coach third.

And for those of you scoring at home...Arizona is now home to what was, probably, one-third of a pretty bad 1993 fantasy baseball team by yours truly.

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