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October 12, 2010

Twitter Tuesday: Fake Bleacher Report

On a night when Brett Favre's 500th (and 501st and 502nd) touchdowns, that interception in the fourth quarter and, of course, his dong are the obvious can be assured that the hacks over at Bleacher Report are "reporting" just that.

Enter my new favorite Twitterer...@veryfakebr.

What makes Fake Bleacher Report a stroke of genius is that you're not sure what is satire and what is really taken from Bleacher Report.

Try these on for size:

Check out are new 50-frame slideshow on why the Reds will win the NL Central

Check out are slideshow on hitters that do not like fastballs

Later today on the sight: a slideshow of 10 candidates better than Mattingly as the next Dodgers manger. them to ACTUAL Bleacher Report articles.

Top Five Chicago Cubs by Last Name: "B"

Roy Halladay Postseason No-Hitter: 10 Reasons Don Larsen's Was More Impressive

'nuff said.

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