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October 26, 2010

Twitter Tuesday: Michael Schlact's Pumpkin

It all started innocent enough when Texas Rangers Minor Leaguer pitcher Michael Schlact tweeted a picture of his pumpkin.

And no, sickos, "pumpkin" isn't some lame euphemism or veiled reference to whatever it was Brett Favre did or didn't send to Jenn Sterger.  Schlact actually tweeted a picture of his pumpkin...the jack-o-latern shown above.

Minutes later...everyone's a critic.

@DeLaNate:  I think your pumpkin should be in the dugout on Halloween night. Then Vlad should put it out of it's misery.

@enebradcr: nice. Did you just throw 3 baseballs at it and call it good?

@DingersBlog:  your pumpkin is bad and you should feel bad
@heykim:  dont quit your day job

Joining in on the action were fellow big league pitchers Collin Balester and C.J. Wilson.

@ballystar40:  looks like you just cut huge holes in a pumpkin and lit the inside on fire haha.

@str8edgeracerHey everyone, check out @michael_schlact and make fun of his pumpkin

I guess with Halloween around the corner...'tis the season, folks!

You can follow Schlact on Twitter at @michael_schlact.  Better yet...check out The Schlact Stories over at

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