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November 4, 2010

Brian Wilson Drops by The Tonight Show

Let's get one thing straight right out of the gate...I hate Jay Leno.

He's not funny.  He's not a good interviewer.  He's just...ugh. 

I'm not a fan.

But then, tonight, I saw that San Francisco closer Brian Wilson was scheduled to appear on "The Tonight Show".  And I was torn. 

Do I watch?  Do I skip it?

I watched.

Wilson delivered...Leno did not. Leno was as terrible as he normally is, whereas Wilson delivered his normal amount of awesome.  They talked about all the normal stuff...Wilson's hair, his shoes and, of course, "The Machine".

And, oh yeah...this happened.

I'm pretty sure Brian Wilson's fifteen minutes won't last for that much longer because, long can a closer milk this fame?  But until it flames out, I'm enjoying the Hell out of the Facebook group to get him to host "Saturday Night Live" and at least two of the pages dedicated to his shoes.

Fear the beard, troops.

Here's Wilson's appearance in its entirety (albeit broken up into two parts).


David Allan said...

When are your 15 minutes over? When the Machine says they are over...and he doesn't say much.

Anonymous said...

Sorry David, your 15 minutes were over before they started.