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November 5, 2010

Jose Canseco and The Apprentice...The Update

Write it down.

It's November 5, 2010...and I am missing the daily nonsensical ramblings of one Jose Canseco via Twitter.

I've written before about Canseco (HERE and HERE) and, honestly, I kinda hoped that he would keep us updated on his exploits while shooting "The Apprentice".

Well, outside of a tweet October 22 (which was promptly removed) mentioning that he was still in New York "auditioning"...we've gotten nothing.

Nada. Zilch.

Until now.

According to the New York Post:

Baseball stoolie José Canseco, who blew the whistle on steroid use, broke off a front tooth on a slice of pizza. Canseco, who was shooting Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" with Niki Taylor, rapper Lil' Jon and Meat Loaf, made an emergency call to Dr. Shawn Sadri, who opened his dental office Sunday night. A source said, "Sadri created a new tooth overnight." A rep for the show didn't get back to us.

Ouch. I'd say I feel sorry for Canseco...but I don't. 

Sure, losing a tooth is one of those irrational fears that keeps me awake at night, but c'mon...this is Jose Canseco we're talking about here.  Are we actually allowed to feel remorse for this cat?  Oh, and another question for you...what's the over/under on how many times this dude is going to flex on camera for the citizens of New York?

And in case you were wondering what the former American League MVP looked like working the counter of a pizza joint.

Here's some video.

A big tip of the hat to I Dream of Pizza for posting the video. Feel free to read their account of the goings on HERE.

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