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November 10, 2010

Jose Canseco is Back, Baby!

Just last week, I posted the following:

It's November 5, 2010...and I am missing the daily nonsensical ramblings of one Jose Canseco via Twitter.

Well, tonight, Jose Canseco made his triumphant return to cyberspace to this tweet:

If you guys want to talk to me on the phone call me at 310 862 6309. We can talk about anything,find out what's really going on in basball


Now, I'm going to be honest here...I can probably only think of a few dozen things I would rather do than talk on the phone with Jose Canseco.

To name a few things from that theoretical "to do" list...but in no particular order or specifics:
  • Feline AIDs
  • Brain Cancer
  • Dave Matthews Concert
But I digress.

Seriously, what can a guy who has been out of professional baseball since October 2001 tell us about the game that he hasn't already tried to disclose?

We get it, Jose, your run on "The Apprentice" is obviously over and you need friends and attention...but I ain't calling.

Now, if you want to call me...drop me an email at and I'll tell you about my job.

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