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November 23, 2010

Twitter Tuesday: The All-New Jose Canseco!

This site has been as guilty as any when it comes to bashing (click HERE, HERE or HERE) former "Bash Brother" Jose Canseco.

And it's been warranted...are you following the dude on Twitter?

So, for fun, I thought I'd check and see what kind of messages the 1988 American League MVP after he tweeted the following Monday night:

When I open my indoor baseball training facility I will train under priviledge kids for free

A pretty nice gesture...right? Well, within an hour of his tweet, a mixed bag of messages emerged.

There were the nice.

@Rockkstarr11:  That's awesome Jose! I always knew you had a heart of gold

@CHEFHEC71:  thats a nice thing to have a good heart....

@BigDaddyDieu:  u r a great man of baseball. Only those who truly respect the game understand how u saved it. Thank you.

The mean (and, frankly, unimaginative).

@shaneomac01:  you gonna show them how to shoot roids too?

@rhilltops:  did u just say your going to inject under privilaged kids with steroids?!

@LezzieBlowhan:  Haha,any parent or adult guardian that left their kids under your junkie supervision should be charged with child endangerment.

And the downright bizarre.

@MyMarieMia:  You should go on Dancing With the Stars, you would be great.

@ACEKWEST510:  Whattup jose. Is Ozzie around?

@colintdouglas:  can I have a hug I'm feeling low

How can the interwebs be so cruel to a guy who posted those adorable puppy pictures above (and plenty of "hugs" via Twitter) less than a month ago?!?

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