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December 6, 2010

Dropping Links: December 6

A lot of money changed hands over the weekend and a few hot stoves were cooled...but what other deals might be on the horizon?  Tony Arnoldine has a re-cap of the weekend's biggest news. 

The Adrian Gonzalez-to-Boston trade will happen after all. Jon Heyman reported late Sunday night that the Sawx and Padres agreed to a new deal after Boston couldn't work out an extension with Gonzalez before Sunday's 2pm deadline. There isn't official word on whether or not an extension has been agreed to this time around but Heyman says it's likely one will be announced soon.

Jayson Werth signed a seven-year, $126 million deal with the Washington Nationals. Yes, the Washington Nationals. It will be hard for Werth to convince anyone this move wasn't purely about the money, but there is a lot of potential on Washington's roster. Fellow league GM's are reportedly upset with the structure of Werth's deal and what it could mean for other signings.

The rumblings of a Mark Reynolds trade have been popular this offseason, but they seem to be increasing lately. The latest rumor has Reynolds going to the Orioles.

Bleed Cubbie Blue wonders if Adam LaRoche might be a good fit in Chicago.

With Adrian Beltre and Lance Berkman out of the picture, the A's are interested in Hideki Matsui, who wouldn't be opposed to playing in Oakland.

After sluggish sales performance the last few years, 2K Sports looks to be ready to abandon the MLB license. Their exclusivity deal for Xbox 360 runs out soon and the license will be opened up to more production teams.

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