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December 6, 2010

Moyer Monday: December 6

Last week, Jamie Moyer underwent Tommy John surgery for his injured left wing.  This week, he's back answering your questions..and looking to return.

Question:  How are you feeling after your surgery last week?

Moyer:  I’m feeling good. I will be getting my stitches out on Thursday and will be fitted into a new brace until January 5th.

Question:  What is the thing you like most about Camp Erin?

Moyer:  The thing I like most about Camp Erin is that it is a safe place kids come to learn that it is okay to grieve. They also are surrounded by others who are going through the same thing and they learn that they can empower each other by supporting each other.

Question:  Does your family have any special holiday traditions that you'd like to share?

Moyer:  One tradition we have as a family is to take our kids to visit Santa and sit on his lap.

Question:  What historical/sports figures have inspired you over the course of your life?

Moyer:  As a young boy, I liked Roger Staubach, Steve Carlton, and Dr. J.

Question:  What was the hardest pitch for you to learn?

Moyer:  My change-up was the hardest pitch for me to learn, but they all take time to develop.

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