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December 22, 2010

Shake it Like a Snowglobe

The Hall has been following Ashkon Davaran's every move since he broke out his re-working of the Journey classic "Don't Stop Believing" a couple of months ago.

Well, dude is back with a holiday tune for everyone to enjoy.  This...from his facebook page:

Last week, YouTube announced that Ashkon's "Don’t Stop Believin" was the Bay Area’s most viewed video of 2010. When asked if his new video would be able to match the hype of it’s predecessor, Ashkon had this to say: “Last time out I was going for an anthem. This time I just want to see everyone out there shake it like a snow globe.”

Enjoy the's kinda catchy.  Be sure you check back soon, because when the video drops...The Hall will have it.

And since you're already here, why not check out the interview Ashkon did with The Hall of Very Good HERE.

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