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December 22, 2010

Web Wednesday: The Diamond Report

Back on December 10, in conjunction of Baseball Bloggers Alliance Day, the announcement was made that "hump day" would now, officially, be "Web Wednesday" here at The Hall of Very Good.

So...what is "Web Wednesday"?

Basically, every Wednesday, The Hall will introduce you to a baseball blog or blogger that you might not know much about.  This week, it seems appropriate to kick off "Web Wednesday" with one of the co-founders of The Diamond Report and good friend of The Hall...John Saban.

HOVG: Alright, every site has a story behind it. Right out of the gate...what is the story behind The Diamond Report? How did it come about?

SABAN: The Diamond Report is a website created by a couple friends who have both loved baseball our entire lives and enjoy sports journalism.  The whole point of the site is to report accurate information to our viewers. We also occasionally give our opinion on the news around the baseball world.

HOVG: You've had a little bit of success since launching the site a couple of months ago. Have you had an "I've made it" moment yet or not? And if so...what was it?

SABAN: The site started as a blog, but was turned into a website after the first month, and the third day after converting to a website we had one article get over 2000 views just on Thanksgiving Day. That was encouraging to us, and we still joke about how fast everything has happened.

HOVG: In your experience as a blogger, what contacts have you made or what stories have you uncovered that you never thought that you would have been able to pull off?

SABAN: Well, we haven't broken any news on TDR yet, but maybe one day we will. As far as contacts go, we were very excited and appreciative that, through Twitter, we were able to get in touch with Oakland Athletics relief pitcher Craig Breslow and he was kind enough to do a TDR Exclusive for the site.

HOVG: Is there a particular piece that you're especially fond of?

SABAN: I was born and raised around the Philadelphia area, so lately it has been a baseball fan's dream to see the Phillies over the last couple seasons. My favorite piece that I have personally done would probably be the "Cliff Lee signing" article, not only because I am a Phillies fan, but I have never seen a free agent signing happen quite like that one.

HOVG: Now the fun stuff (to me)...we're counting down the days to the announcement of the HOF class of 2011. Do you have any favorites on this year's ballot?

SABAN: I think there are many worthy people of the honor up for election this year, but as far as I'm concerned I definitely think that Tim Raines and Bert Blyleven should get in.

HOVG: Are there any players you feel that should be in the Hall but aren't? Why?

SABAN: Well, to be honest, yes. I feel very strongly that Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame. He gave 100% every time he was on the field, and was one of the best hitters in the game. I understand what he did was wrong, but we are coming up to the time where players who played in the "Steroid Era" will be on the ballotI am sure that some players who have even taken steroids once will find a way into the HOF.

HOVG: What's on the horizon for TDR?

SABAN: We are definitely still making improvements to the site. TDR is still fairly new so we are making adjustments and hope to one day be a place that people want to 'bookmark' on their computer, and check us daily for baseball news.

HOVG: Where can people find you online?

SABAN: People can find us on facebook (The Diamond Report) and on Twitter (@TDReport). We also encourage our fans to email us or tweet us we want to hear what you have to say.

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