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January 13, 2011

Kerry Wood Inks Deal to Become Cubs Broadcaster...or Not

When the Chicago Cubs announced they were bringing back Kerry Wood, you knew something was up.

It just didn't smell right.

Why would a guy leave, according to numerous sources, at least two two-year $10 million offers on the table to go back to the same team who gave up on him following the 2008 season? 

And furthermore, why would he sign with said team for a paltry $1.5 million plus incentives?!?

"It boils down to what's comfortable and where I wanted to play, and this is the best fit for both," Wood said during a press conference last month. "This is where I want to play." ain't that easy.

Well, on Wednesday, came the whispers...part of Wood's deal with the Cubs included an agreement that he would move into the broadcast booth when he is finished playing baseball.

Ah ha...that has to be it!

According to, Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts (of CBS's "Undercover Boss" fame) promised the hardthrowing righty a broadcasting job in the future.

But then...the Chicago Tribune posted this nugget on their website:

We spoke with Wood and he laughed about the report. "That is completely untrue," he said. "I have no interest in broadcasting when my playing days are over. That has never been something that I saw myself doing."

Now, I'm confused. 
Is it possible that oft-injured might just be a good guy?  Is it possible that his claims to keep his family close to home (his wife is from surburban Waukegan) might be true?  Is it possible that there actually IS a thing called the "hometown discount"?

I guess so.

Now...I went through that whole exercise to bring you to this one.  Did you know that the Cubs actually had to POST Ron Santo's old job? 

I mean, I get it.  I've interviewed, hired and fired my share of employees in the past and I understand how, legally, you've gotta do what you've gotta do...but still do we need to see THIS?

WGN Radio seeks on-air talent to serve as analyst for broadcasts of Chicago Cubs games

Preferred candidate will have played with the Chicago Cubs -- or played major league baseball with previous broadcast experience as a game analyst.

Materials to:  Cubs Game Analyst, WGN Radio, 435 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611

WGN Radio is an Equal Opportunity Employer

What "preferred candidate" is actually searching the internets looking for analyst jobs?  Is Tim Stoddard really out there banging away on his keyboard looking for jobs?

Something tells me that could probably make a few calls, see who is free and make a hire.

OR...they could flip on ESPN's Baseball Tonight or the MLB Network and snatch up any one of the misfits (Dave Valle anyone?) those networks trot out on a nightly basis.

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