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January 12, 2011

Kevin Chanel Remembers "Trevor Time"

You're going to see, hear and read a lot of stories about the retirement of all-time saves leader Trevor Hoffman...and rightfully so.

Frankly, the career eulogy banged out by my friend Kevin Chanel has them all beat.

I am forever indebted to Trevor Hoffman.

Back in 1995 my pal Hurricane Jr. and I were at a summer ballgame at the good ol’ Qualcomm. It’s no surprise, the Q’ was a shithole. Multi-purpose, but none of them optimal, it housed an equally ehhh product, the blazingly soporific Bochy-era Padres. Some teams were built on speed, others on power, some on pitching. Boch’s teams were adept at avoiding those trappings. They were built on bland.

One of the “keep ‘em in their seats” ploys of the time was the between-innings alternative to dot racing, the “show the players as fun-lovin’ Joes” break. For this particular half-inning we were presented with three players, presenting the three options for tunes you would be forced to hear in the next half-inning. Predictably, one player (we’ll just call him “Phil Plantier” for lack of a good memory) chose the very predictable Hotel California. Hey what do you expect? They’re ballplayers. Song number two, probably something by Journey. Who knows. But the LAST tune was fan favorite Trevor Hoffman’s get-on-your-seats-and-pump-your-fist anthem, Every Day Is Sunday by Morrissey.

Yup, Morrissey.

You can read the rest over at Kevin's site Bugs and won't be disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

Mo will pass Trevor and if people think he's a first ballot hall of fame they are crazy. Pitching in a giant ballpark and never closing a meaningful game ever. I remember him blowing he's last all-star gam and blowing that one game playoff in 2007.

He was a Derek Jeter type of play good stats and played for a long time but was never the best player of he's era.