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January 21, 2011

Kevin Millwood to the Bronx? Why?!?

Alright, gang...raise your hand if you're getting a little tired of the daily "which All-Star from a decade ago is heading to the Yankees now" stories.

All of you? comes another.

According to ESPN New York, the Bronx Bombers are now setting their sites on Kevin Millwood.

According to a baseball source, (agent Scott) Boras has pitched 36-year-old right-hander Kevin Millwood as a possible rotation stopgap in the event Andy Pettitte doesn't come back -- and the Yankees have at least listened.

Now, are you ready for the major wrinkle in the story? 

Millwood is also being linked to his 2010 team, the Baltimore Orioles. reports that the 1999 All-Star has been playing golf with Orioles manager Buck Showalter this offseason.


Alright, I'll be the one that says it...who cares?

This is the same dude that went 4-16 last season with a 5.10 ERA...all the while leading the league in losses. 

So let's be honest with one another...Kevin Millwood, Yankees?  Seriously?!?

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