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January 4, 2011

Twitter Tuesday: Bert Blyleven vs. Jack Morris

In the Fall of 1994, a little movie called "Pulp Fiction" hit the scene and in of its main characters questioned another on the type of person he is.

My theory is that when it comes to important subjects, there are only two ways a person can answer. Which way they chose, tells you who that person is. For instance, there are only two kinds of people in the world, Beatles people and Elvis people. Now Beatles people can like Elvis and Elvis people can like the Beatles, but nobody likes them both equally. Somewhere you have to make a choice. And that choice, tells you who you are.

Prepare to feel old, gang, but here we are more than 16 years later and the same question could be asked about the Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2011 announcement that is going to announced tomorrow.

Are you a Bert Blyleven guy or a Jack Morris guy? Because, apparently, you can't be both.

Now, without re-hashing the annual Jon Heyman Bashtravaganza that took place Monday on are some noteworthy Blyleven and Morris tweets from the last couple of days.

@goldenmonkey: the problem is, there are some BAD players in already, and blyleven/morris look good comparitively.

@HunterFelt: Something you non--baseball geeks don't know: Bert Blyleven's HOF case is the Israel-Palestine conflict among baseball writers

@commnman: Will be happy to support Jack Morris for the Hall of Fame, but only after Bert Blyleven is ushered in.

@DustinInTulsa: Blyleven never dominated as a pitcher, his numbers are from longevity, which is good, but IMO he falls short of HOF.

@williamnyy23: Jack Morris' "moment" belongs in the Hall of Fame, but he doesn't. Conveniently, that's why the museum has a Great Moments Room.

@Bencjacobs: I get the feeling that Kevin Brown is going to be the next Bert Blyleven, with HOF voting, only less Dutch and more overpaid

@DashTreyhorn: Thought: If the internets were around during Blyleven's career, then he's in The Hall within five years. He's a latter-day King Felix.

@bigmike05: Take the 5 best Blyleven and Morris seasons and compare. Do the same with their 5 worst seasons and see what the results are.

@molly_knight: My Twitter feed is upset about Bert Blyleven and I have no idea what's going on but I think it's Internet zealot- related??

@bravesjournal: Just because I advocate mass suicide if Blyleven doesn't make it this time doesn't make me a zealot.

@scratchbomb: at this point, I think Heyman, Pearlman et al are not voting for Bert Blyleven just to piss off nerds

@MattZakrowski: I hope Jack Morris get into the Hall of Fame, but only to pave the way for Geoff Blum down the road.

@itsmetsforme: new year's resolution: total honesty-- I don't care at all about HOF or Blyleven. Any hall w/o Keith Hernandez or Batman holds no interest.

For me, I kinda want Blyleven to get 75% of the vote tomorrow so I can have a clean feed and not miss whatever the @veryfakebr gang is tweeting.

But then again, I really would like Blyleven to, once again, fall short...and it has nothing to do with his qualifications. I just don't think that the cachet of the 2012 Hall of Fame ballot consisting of Javy Lopez and Vinny Castilla is all that worthy of discussion.

Oh, and for the record, I'm a Jerry Lee Lewis guy.

Sorry Elvis.

Sorry The Beatles.


Anonymous said...

Who drew the Blyleven/Morris pic???

Jesus Melendez said...

It's a poorly executed mash up of two Diamond Kings cards. Haha.

And speaking of Diamond's an interview with their creator Dick Perez!