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January 25, 2011

We've Had a Gary Sheffield Sighting, Folks!

I'm told there's probably nothing to it (and let's be honest, there probably isn't)...but Gary Sheffield has been working out in St. Petersburg, Florida with the Seoul Nexen Heroes of the Korean Baseball Organization.

Again, there's probably nothing to it.  I mean, Sheffield is "99.9%" retired, right?

But let's imagine for a second that there is something to the 42-year-old taking some spring training cuts with the Heroes...the slugger would be, by far, the most celebrated American player ever to take his game to Korea.  All in all, dude has a pretty solid, Hall of Fame-worthy resume to his credit...including a career batting average of .292, 2689 hits, 509 home runs and 1676 RBI.

Then again, the 22-year pro hasn't seen live big league pitching since September 2009.

Now, a simple Google search can tell you WHY the Heroes were in Florida...they're one of four international teams calling the former Major League facilities home for some spring training.

What Google can't/won't tell you why Gary Sheffield was there.  But it sure is fun to speculate.

Pictures courtesy of Naver News.  A tip o' the hat to Dan (@mykbo) for the lead.

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