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February 1, 2011

Cursed! Wrigley Field Falls Victim to the Snowpocalypse


Snotorious B.I.G.


Whatever you call the blizzard that is paralyzing the Midwest, I am pretty sure that it doesn't compare to the expletives being thrown around by the Chicago Cubs brass when they found out that part of Wrigley Field's roof was ripped off Tuesday night.

Sure, it wasn't as dramatic as what happened to the Metrodome a couple of months ago...but it is still pretty surreal.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times:

Streets near Wrigley Field have been roped off after a panel from the ballpark’s roof blew away during the early stages of the blizzard Tuesday evening.  A panel of the Wrigley Field roof above the press box was damaged by extreme winds accompanying the blizzard, Cubs spokesman Peter Chase said.

Part of the panel, made of fiber board, broke away, and the Cubs are working with the city to monitor the situation and to ensure there aren’t any public safety issues, Chase said Tuesday night.  Streets were closed to traffic about 5:30 p.m. due the blowing debris, police said.

As a precaution, streets were closed from Addison Street between Sheffield Avenue and Racine Street and also on Clark Street between Addison Street and Waveland Avenue, police said.

Now, the coolest thing to come from this whole debacle is the website I found and, frankly, I could watch it for hours.

And I probably will be.  CLICK HERE for a live view of Addison St. in front of Wrigley Field...CLICK HERE to check out the view down Clark St.

So...when do pitchers and catchers report again?

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