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February 7, 2011

Dropping Links: February 7

So how did you spend your SuperBowl Sunday?  Me...I avoided the computer, only to emerge from a Twitter and Facebook-less evening to discover Ozzie Guillen spent his night eating JELL-O.

Tony Arnoldine spent his night checking out what you should have been reading.

Andy Pettitte's Hall of Fame candidacy is up for debate, but Big League Stew's Alex Remington thinks Mike Mussina should get in well before the recently retired lefty.

Via Baseball Musings, the Chicago Tribune's Phil Rogers suggests the Yankees could be a suitor for John Danks to help fill the void created by Pettitte's retirement.

The Red Sox inked Dennys Reyes to a Minor League contract this weekend.

PastaPadre has an explanation of the Dynamic Ratings Feature in MLB 2K11.

The Mets still have interest in Kevin Millwood. The veteran is coming off a pretty poor season, but a switch to the National League could help him rebound.

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