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February 14, 2011

Garrett Wittels to Talk to the Media...Sorta

To say that Garrett Wittels will start the upcoming season different than last year is an understatement.

The Florida International University hitting sensation begins the 2011 campaign not only with his 56-game hitting streak on the line, but uncertainty as to whether or not his school will let him play.

You see, while he has been practicing with the team, FIU has yet to make a decision on how they will handle the junior and his December 20 rape arrest.

One thing is for sure though. According to The Miami Herald, the shortstop is ready to talk…but not about his off season.

The Florida International University hitting sensation will answer questions about the upcoming season and his pursuit of a national collegiate batting record at a press conference next week.

But he won’t be discussing the rape charges against him. For that matter, the school is warning media outlets not to ask about the shortstop’s legal issues – and is threatening recourse if they do – at Wednesday’s press conference with Wittels and other members of the team.

“Due to the ongoing investigation, if any questions are asked regarding Garrett Wittels’ legal matter, not only will the question not be addressed, but the press conference will end immediately,” according to a press release issued by the schools athletic department.

When the Golden Panthers open their season later this week against Southwestern Louisiana, Wittels enters two games shy of equaling Robin Ventura’s collegiate record of 58.

This past July, The Hall was able to catch up with the NCBWA Preseason can read the interview HERE.

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