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February 9, 2011

Jose Canseco is Planning Another Book

I hate myself for caring, but...we're less than a month away from the trainwreck that will be "The Celebrity Apprentice" and Jose Canseco has broken out of his shell.

First...he challenged Alex Rodriguez to a home run derby via Twitter.

I am challenging alex rodriguez to a home run competition all the monies will go to charity

Then...he announced his plans to put out a third book.

my third book will be coming out soon named the truth hurts it destroyed my life the charity b.a.t will benefit greatly financially

Now, I've tried to reach out to Canseco before, but, apparently, my pockets aren't deep enough to afford the 1988 American League MVP.  Thankfully, the New York Daily News got in touch with the former slugger so no one else had to.

"Basically the name of the book is, 'The Truth Hurts.' It destroyed my life," Canseco told the Daily News Tuesday. "It's completely accurate, of course. I only write books that depict truthful things."

Plenty of people are going to blast Canseco and his truths, but as Hall of Famer Rollie Fingers told me a while back "you don’t see too many people suing him."

"(The new book) kind of states how people view me, what's happened to me financially, how telling the truth has damaged me completely; how powerful Major League Baseball really is," says Canseco, who added he might self-publish the new tome. "It should be a No. 1 bestseller."

There is no timetable as to when the new book will be published (much less written), but one thing is certain...the best installment of "The Celebrity Apprentice" kicks off on NBC March 6.

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