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February 14, 2011

Top Stories of the Upcoming 2011 Jewish MLB Season

With pitchers and catchers reporting Monday for most of the's just a matter of time until full blown spring training breaks out.

And not long after that, you can expect The Hall to start breaking down team by team milestones that are on the horizon for the upcoming season.  That said, The Great Rabbino (yeah, that's a real dude) has already broken down what he's looking forward to this season...and a good friend of this site has found himself situated at numero uno.

It's with that, that I present to you (courtesy of The Great Rabbino)...the top stories of the upcoming 2011 Jewish MLB season.

10) New Faces in New Places: Some of our beloved Jewish ball players have switched teams. Gabe Kapler has signed with the Dodgers, will that lead to more playing time? And will Sam Fuld's move to Tampa mean a permanent roster spot?

9) Rothschild in Pinstripes: The Yankees rotation is one of the biggest stories of the off-season. C.C. Sabathia and the boys need to improve. The Yankees brought in former Cubs' pitching coach Larry Rothschild to fix everyone (besides C.C.). Whether or not he is the answer is a major question.

8) Pitching Needs to Improve: It is clear we have no Sandy Koufaxes in the bunch. Outside of Craig Breslow, last year was a major disappointment. Can Jason Marquis, Scott Feldman and John Grabow bounce back?

7) Get Braun Some Help: Much of Ryan Braun's numbers come from the great protection he gets from Prince Fielder. With Fielder on the move, possibly mid-season, will Braun continue to be a star?

6) Somebody Call a Doctor: Last year the DL saw better Jewish players than the field. 2010 contained serious and long injury stints for Kevin Youkilis, Brad Ausmus, Ian Kinsler, Marquis and Grabow. Can the Jewish ballplayers stay healthy?

5) The Youk's Team: With Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez on board, will Kevin Youkilis still remain the man in Boston? He has great potential in this lineup but his move back to third could be a distraction. We expect big numbers from the Youk.

4) Kinsler Kontinued: Ian Kinsler was awesome in the playoffs. We saw glimpses of his 2010 form. Is he done with his injury plagued season and can he be the 30-30 guy we know he can be?

3) Second Year Slide: Last year Ike Davis showed his power. Danny Valencia came out of nowhere to be a star. The league knows who they are now. They have won the respect of many fans. But will these two be able to step it up, continue their strong play and help lead their teams? Also, will Ryan Kalish get a real chance?

2) Next: We finally saw the arrival of two new stars, so who is next? Will Jason Kipnis get a chance with the Indians? Can Danny Axelrod join the White Sox in middle relief? Can Ben Guez continue to rise fast for the Tigers? And will Aaron Poreda crack the Padres rotation? Who is the next Jewish breakout star?

1) Minor League Record: Our top story is kind of cheating but it is totally worth the Number One spot. It comes from college. Florida International's Garrett Wittels has a 56 game hitting streak, which is 2 shy of Robin Ventura's Division I record. We will be eagerly awaiting for the beginning of the college season. This kid has a bright future. If he ends up as good as Ventura that would be one great career.

You can read the interview Wittels did with The Hall HERE.


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Rob said...

So here in San Antonio there's a Jewish film festival going on and the first day screening was a film by Peter Miller called "Jews and Baseball: An American Love Story". I didn't get to see it but it looked good and had an interview with Sandy Koufax. Thought you would like to know.