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March 25, 2011

2011 Milestone Preview: National League West

For a number of teams, it isn't really as much what goes on on the field...but, rather, what goes on off of it.

Such is the case with the 2010 World Series champion San Francisco Giants.

The Giants transformed from a bunch of misfits to the team everyone was talking about.  They appeared on magazine covers, talk shows and, soon, will have their own series on Showtime (you can check out the preview below).

And with that…here’s the NATIONAL LEAGUE WEST.


A glance up and down the Diamondbacks roster looks like a journey through the Land of Misfit Toys. 
Seriously, their pick ups this past off season included Melvin Mora, Geoff Blum, J.J. Putz and, ugh...Mike Hampton.

Pretty much the only thing Arizona has going for them is hope that newly acquired pitcher Armando Galarraga can get screwed out of a perfect game and they are front page fodder for a week.  Until then...all they've got is celebrating the ten-year anniversary of their World Series championship in 2001


Former American League MVP Jason Giambi is, again, hoping for one last gasp with the Colorado Rockies.  Provided he can break camp with the team (and it is looking good that he will), dude is going to need to double his 2010 output in order to get to 2000 hits for his career.

You see, "The Giambino" enters 2011 86 hits shy of the milestone...he finished last season with 43.

While Todd Helton isn't knocking on the door of any milestones (this season), it's pretty cool to point out that only Stan Musial, Lou Gehrig and "The Toddfather" have put up career numbers of 525 (or more) doubles, 300 home runs and a .320 batting average.  Now, I've seen all the "black ink" arguments against Helton...but dude is a Hall of Famer, right?  Right?!?


Prior to last season, all the milestone talk in Los Angeles was about manager Joe Torre and outfielder Manny Ramirez.

This season...not so much.

The big story, of course, is new manager Don Mattingly.  The former New York Yankees star is the team's ninth manager since moving west and unlike some of his predecessors...has zero managerial experience.


Alright, I'm going to be the guy that says in the world did the Padres almost win the West last season?  I mean, have you looked at their roster?  They've got no huge names (outside of Heath Bell), no one approaching any marquee milestones and the best thing to pay attention to on a daily basis...the Twitter feed of the newly acquired Pat Neshek.

Seriously...the guy is a good follow.  Check him out.


Without even mentioning Brian Wilson's beard, "Kung Fu Panda" or the rally's safe to say that the Giants have become one of the most exciting teams in all of baseball.  Not since the 2004 Boston Red Sox have a cast of characters taken over the world like San Francisco did following their World Series win last fall.

The guys are everywhere.

As far as milestones are haven't had too much to look forward to since Barry Bonds was chasing the home run record and Randy Johnson came on board to nail down his 300th win.  But do you think they care?  That said, outfielder Pat Burrell is 15 long flies away from 300 for his career.

So there you have it, gang…all six divisions and a preview of their upcoming milestones.

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