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March 21, 2011

The Celebrity Apprentice Re-Cap: Episode 3

The third episode of the latest installment of "The Celebrity Apprentice" looked to be the swansong for former American League MVP Jose Canseco.

He took naps during the challenge, sat back and played catch with the equally inept (and equally entertaining) Gary Busey and, when asked to contribute his two cents on the task at hand...responded routinely with a succinct "I'm completely against it".

Thankfully, for Canseco, his team won.

Like in previous weeks, I'm not going to fill this space with a re-cap of the episode (you can get that over at, but rather, I'ma  break down what you fine folks had to say about the ever blinking former slugger over on the Twitters.

And yeah...everyone is still talking about dude's tic. And those clothes!

@_Aesthetiqz: Ayo, Jose Canseco, can you please give Liberace his leather jacket back...?-thanx...sincerely, Aesthetiqz

@Big_Boy859: jose canseco has on michael jacksons jacket from the BAD video right now on celeb apprentice

@MarkM625: Jose Canseco disagrees with every idea, but never has his own idea. Hate people like that.

@MajorPhilebrity: Someone just needs to give Jose Canseco a small bear to wrestle or something

@Zellyanks: Gary Busey and Jose Canseco are having a baseball catch. This is fantastic television

@NotSoSexyTruth: If I played a drinking game where I took a swig for every time Jose Canseco's eyes twitched, I'd die of alcohol poisoning in 8 seconds.

I've gotta say...I've been rather upset with how quiet Canseco himself has been on Twitter. Tonight, all homeboy did was complain about his airline.


Not boring...a very, very lazy Canseco lounging on the couch in the team RV and the subsequent string "Buseyisms".

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