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March 28, 2011

The Celebrity Apprentice Re-Cap: Episode 4

It's been a long time since Jose Canseco has been part of a team like the one that is on display every Sunday night on "The Celebrity Apprentice".

On paper, there's probably no reason for them to win.  Ever.  But, spoiler alert...they've rattled of three wins in a row and tonight's episode (you can find a complete re-cap over at found the former slugger in the middle of the action.

As a gay Argentinian named Pablo.

Now, as exciting as the episode was (dude actually suggested that showing a consumer "communicating with aliens" was a good idea for a video phone company)...nothing compared to what the Twittersphere had in store for the one-time MVP.

Of course, you had to sift through the tweets about his switcheroo act Saturday night in order to keep up with Canseco's audition for Donald Trump.

@Dave_Klimek: I think Jose Canseco has been communicating with aliens a lot since he got hit on the head in the outfield

@Zellyanks: Does Jose Canseco communicate with aliens? He's so messed up in the head.

@jday15: I generally hate "reality" shows, yet here I am getting sucked in by Celebrity Apprentice. It's all Gary Busey & Jose Canseco's fault.

@LonnieZingula: Jose Canseco pondering what his friends will think of him playing a gay man on Apprentice begs many questions. For starters, what friends?

@TJSullivanLA: Richard Hatch giving Jose Canseco wardrobe advice is like Jose Canseco giving Gary Busey lessons in etiquette.

@melgotserved: Meatloaf is taking the lead from Jose Canseco for most bedazzled suit jackets

Canseco stayed relatively quiet (again) Sunday night on Twitter...but former contestant, Olympic softball player (softballer?) Jennie Finch summed up the show rather nicely.

Donald Trump Boardroom - Oh, how I do not miss being there

I can only imagine.  Hola!

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Anonymous said...

This is funny? Celebrity dumb and dumber! The TeaBaggers must be the producers. At least the celebrities don't anything more than their reputations. TB's are takibng our country over the cliff.