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March 9, 2011

Evan Longoria's Ride Gets "Purloined"

After three years in the bigs...Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria has already experienced plenty.

Three-time All-Star.

Two-time Gold Glove Award winner.

2008 American League Champion AND Rookie of the Year.

And, according to The Arizona Republic...his ride was "purloined" from a parking lot.  Yes...I'm a big fan of the word "purloined". 

Evan Longoria, a star player for the Tampa Bay Rays major league team, was having his classic 1967 black and white Camaro RS, valued at $75,000, upgraded by a Gilbert company, only to have it purloined from an overflow lot in Chandler, police said.

That car and a Buick GSX, valued at $25,000, were stolen between late Saturday and early Sunday from an overflow lot at 260 E. Comstock Rd. in Chandler, said Chandler Police Det. David Ramer.

"In the words of the detective, it was a very sloppy job," Ramer said of the thefts.

Car theft is pretty standard, I guess, maybe, but c'mon, Chandler Police...maybe SEARCH for the dude's car before you drop the "detectives suspect the cars will be sold for their parts" nugget.

I mean, this is this guy's ride...not a lost cat.  The least you can do is make an effort and not give up so fast.

That said...have you seen what "Longo" will do to get his cap back?  Maybe he doesn't need the cops.


William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

I once had a friend when growing up in New Jersey who had his beautiful 67 mustang stolen. The police told him they couldn't find it and there was nothing they could do. The thing was, for two years, he kept getting parking tickets for the vehicle from the NYC police. How stupid can that be?

Wonder if Longoria had Lojack.

Augie said...

Get your priorities straight....cops have more pressing duties rather than looking for stolen vehicles. If I was Longoria, I would be pissed at the company for putting my vehicle in an overflow lot!

Anonymous said...

Police have more important things to do than give parking tickets. Auto theft is a serious felony and should be looked at significantly by the authorities. Tree huggers

Jesus Melendez said...

Two cars valued in excess of $100,000 stolen from a private lot is something I would want my cops to look into...wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...

never been around a policeman when anything got better

Anonymous said...

With all of the illegals running back and forth across the border in Arizona, it's a pretty safe bet it's in Mexico by now.