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March 31, 2011

Joe Mauer Takes on Troy Polamalu

Is it just me or are we seeing more Major Leaguers doing commercials?

Sure, most of them are for baseball-related products (video games, shoes, etc.)...but shampoo?  I mean, not since the days of Roger Clemens getting Zest-fully clean have we seen a big leaguer pimping shower supplies.

Okay...maybe it hasn't been THAT long.

So, enter Joe Mauer and the latest marketing campaign from Head and Shoulders. 

The Minnesota Twins catcher is known more for his sideburns than his head of hair (a guy like Tim Lincecum might have been more of an obvious choice), but put him next to Pittsburgh Steelers stud Troy Polamalu and you've kinda got commercial gold. 

Or at least something better than the milk commercial he did with his mom.

Your move, Right Guard Odor Blocker Body Wash.

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