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March 6, 2011

Jose Canseco is Ready for Primetime

So...Donald Trump can see the future right?

Given the crop of crazies he has put together for this go 'round of "The Celebrity Apprentice", he had to have known back in October that this week's headlines were going to be dominated by tiger blood and "winning".

Think about it...who else can compete with the likes of Charlie Sheen when it comes to garnering airtime?  Gary Busey, NeNe Leakes and, of course, Hall of Very Good favorite Jose Canseco...that's who.

Now, it goes without saying that I'll have the feed bag strapped on and my ass in the chair Sunday night to watch the premiere...especially given the prominence of Canseco in the show's promos.

Heck, Jen Harper over at BuddyTV made her list of 25 Reasons to Watch the New Season of "The Celebrity Apprentice" and the former slugger was on it...three times!

10. Jose Canseco's realization that he doesn't have any friends. That's what happens when you accuse America's favorite pastime of sippin' on gin and juice minus the gin.

23. The burgeoning bromance between Jose Canseco and David Cassidy. "Jose, I want to tell you ... you're strong and very, very intelligent with a lot of integrity ... and I love you." OK, I added that last part.

25. Jose Canseco's bedazzled blazer that he bought with the money from "Juiced."

I guess Canseco's appearance on the show begs the following long will the 1988 American League MVP last in Trump boardroom.  Go ahead and vote!

But before you do the preview of the man who has "lived life ten times over".

1 comment:

Matt said...

Okay, I hope that was your satirical side showing when you called him a HOVG "favorite." I read your email exchange with him a while back and he was anything but a class act.

Nice job on capturing Jen Harper's list. now that was funny.