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March 22, 2011

Ryan Dempster...Baseball's Rich Little?

Former Chicago Cubs pitcher and Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins has more wins (284) than any other Canadian-born pitcher.

In case you were wondering, the team's 2011 Opening Day starter Ryan Dempster starts the new season fourth on that list with 102.  That said, he could very well be sitting second all-time pretty quick given the two guys ahead of him on the career list are Kirk McCaskill and Reggie Cleveland with 106.

He's got a long way to go to match Jenkins...but it is still a pretty cool accomplishment.

Now, I only mention all that so I can bring you this.

Recently, the hurler sat down with good friend of The Hall George Castle. The twist...he did the entire thing as longtime announcer Harry Caray.

A big thanks to Bleed Cubbie Blue and Rant Sports for making this clip available.

You can catch more of George Castle and his show "Diamond Gems" over at WNFL 1440 and


William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

That was AWESOME! I really enjoyed that. Dempster just went way up in my player like list.

Anonymous said...

Could you cram a little more advertising into your video introductions?

Jesus Melendez said...

I wish I could have cut out the advertising, Anonymous...but the video wasn't produced by The Hall of Very Good.

Canadian Cubbie said...

Fergie Jenkins, Ryan Dempster and Rich Little are all Canadians...

Jesus Melendez said...

Hey Canadian Cubbie!

That's why the title of the post "Ryan Dempster...Baseball's Rich Little?" is a smart one.